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Sip-Tea 1 3 5 Minute Tea Timer

Essential and fun way to make sure you aren’t over steeping your teas. One minute is perfect for most white and green teas, three minutes for some oolongs and most blacks, five minutes for all your tisanes. Durable stainless steel and glass for use in kitchen or serving tea.

Sip-Tea Arco Teapot

This gracefully designed, classic white porcelain teapot holds 1.2 liters (40.6 fl oz.) of tea and is the ideal size for a family or small group. The perfect combination of elegance and durability. Yields six 6oz cups of tea. Does not contain infuser basket. We recommend our Tea Filters be used with this pot. capacity: […]

Sip-Tea-Black-Assam 1336

Loose leaf black tea with a malty, rich + bold flavor from the Sewpur Estates in North East India.

Sip Tea- Bamboo Green Lacquer Tea Tray

This tray is beautifully constructed of bamboo with lovely details and the interior is covered with green lacquer. This handmade tray is imported from Japan. The tray measures 8 inches by 9 inches and is 7 ½ inches to the top of the handle. This tray would be lovely for serving anything but works perfectly […]

Sip-Tea Wood Tea Scoop

Handmade from a single piece of bamboo, each tea scoop is slightly different. This Koban bamboo scoop is imported from Japan and is made to highlight the grain of the bamboo. Perfect for all teas and adds a lovely addition to your tea making routine. Approximately 4 inches long. A nice addition to any gift […]

Black Cast Iron TeapotSip Tea-4771

The cast iron teapot has a glazed interior and a black matte finish on the outside. Made by the Nanbu Iron Studio in Japan. This is a beautiful addition to any teapot collection or a fantastic gift for the tea enthusiast. The pattern and shape of the teapot are typical of Japanese teapots. The cast […]

Sip-Tea-Pan Fired-Blooming Bliss
Out Of Stock

Flowering pan fired green tea with a delicate, floral + complex flavor from organic tea gardens in China, hand sewn to open in water.

Japanese Paper Covered Metal Tea Canister Sip Tea-4765

This large tea canister imported from Japan, is made of stainless steel and covered with washi paper. The inner lid makes a tight seal to keep air out and combined with the outer lid, your tea will stay fresh. The metal tea canister is 5 ½ inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. It will […]

Sip-Tea-White-Blueberry Pomegranate

Loose leaf white tea with a sweet, fruity + mellow flavor from organic tea gardens in China.

Sip-Tea-Tisane-CF-Blueberry Rooibos

Caffeine free tisane with a fruity, sweet + rich flavor from fair trade gardens in Africa.

Sip-Tea Japanese Cast Iron Teacup

slight tulip shape and a smooth interior. The outside is in the hobnail style of many Japanese Cast Iron Teapots. The cup hold 4 oz. of steeped tea. Makes a great gift for anyone with a Japanese Cast Iron Teapot. Sold individually.

Sip-Tea Ceylon Ice Tea Maker by Bodum

This durable slim-line ice tea maker is designed to go in most refrigerator doors. Add your preferred tea. Fill the pitcher half way with hot water, allow to steep. Once steeped to your taste, remove the infusing filter and fill pitcher with cool water or ice. You can also add fruit to the infusion filter […]


Caffeine free tisane with a floral, sweet + delicate flavor from fair trade gardens in Croatia.

Cherry Bark Tea Canister Sip Tea-4736

This beautiful tea canister is imported from Japan, is stainless steel covered with bark from the Cherry Tree. The inner lid makes a tight seal to keep air out and combined with the outer lid, your tea will stay fresh. The wood covered metal tea canister is ?? inches tall and ?? inches in diameter. […]

Cherry Bark Tea ScoopSip Tea-4755

The tea scoop is made from Cherry Bark with a leaf design on the inside of the scoop. Each one is handmade and the leaf patterns and bark differ on each scoop. These are imported from Japan and are used to scoop out the amount of tea you need per cup. A lovely addition to […]

Sip-Tea-Tisane-Chocolate Mint Rooibos

Tisane with a smooth, mellow + sweet flavor from organic gardens in Africa.


Caffeine free tisane with a floral, sweet + delicate flavor from organic gardens.

Sip-Tea-Pan Fired-Coconut

Loose leaf pan fired green tea with a sweet, mellow + milky flavor from organic tea gardens in China.

Sip Tea-4744
Copper Tea Strainer Handmade Copper Tea Strainer has a stainless steel mesh inside. This is a work of art by Japanese craftsman. The tea strainer can be used with any teapot, especially the Arco Teapot. It approximately 8" long with the handle, 2" high with a 3" wide bowl. An amazing gift.
Sip-Tea-Black-Darjeeling 1362

Loose leaf black tea with a nutty, floral + delicately bold flavor from the Avongrove Estate in North East India.

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