Simple Yet Wholesome: Bihari Cuisine Is A Must-Try

When one thinks of Bihari fare, scrumptious dishes such as litti, a baked cake made of sattu served with baigan bharta, made of roasted eggplant and tomatoes comes to mind and Champaran meat comes to mind. Most of us have explored this North Indian cuisine either at college or at some fest and we loved it. Scrumptious and simple Bihari dishes are capable of tingling the taste buds of every food lover. We got talking to Manjari Singh, co-founder, The Chhaunk, a cloud kitchen startup about how Bihari cuisine is making its way into the hearts of food lovers.

Why Bihari cuisine is getting popular?

Bihari Cuisine is one of the most diverse and complex cuisine however it never got much attention as it got avoided by restaurateurs always. Now slowly lots of brands are focusing on Bihari Cuisine and specially locals from Bihar are opening and promoting cuisine with world class services which is reason it is getting attention now.

What are the best dishes in Bihari cuisine?

Bihar’s signature dish is called Litti Chokha. As litti chokha is the food that defines Bihar as a region. Since the Magadha Kingdom, the traditional recipe for Litti has been around. It has become famous because of its long shelf life and easy preparation.

It is a mouthwatering dish that is traditionally prepared in Bihar and can be served for lunch or dinner. Litti is filled with a substantial mixture of sattu and seasonings like ajwain and kalonji. This is a full dinner when paired with mashed potato, chokha.

Recipe of Litti – Chokha

  1. Put all the ingredients together and make dough to begin with the litti. The dough is supposed to be compact and set it apart.
  2. Put the sattu in a pan with the remaining ingredients and stir thoroughly to make the sattu mix. Verify the salt.
  3. Prepare a ball of atta dough, hollow it out from the center, fill it with the sattu mixture, and then seal it tightly to prevent the stuffing from leaking out. Set apart.
  4. Start by peeling the tomato and brinjal for preparing the chokha. Place it in a bowl, then add the remaining ingredients. Mix it well, and then taste it to check salt.
  5. Until it is thoroughly cooked, roast or bake the litti over an open flame or in an oven.
  6. Serve a bowl of ghee with this cuisine.

Ingredients List:

For litti dough:

250 grams atta flour
Salt (as per taste)
Water (as required)
10 ml oil
For filling:

50 grams sattu
Salt (as per taste)
20 ml mustard oil
Chopped onion (1-2)
2 grams kalonji seeds
2 grams ajwain
5 grams pickle
For aloo chokha:-

250 grams boiled potatoes
10 grams chopped coriander
5 grams chopped chilli
Salt (as per need)
20 ml mustard oil
2 whole red chilli
For tomato and brinjal chokha:-

100 grams tomatoes
150 grams brinjal
10 grams chopped chilli
10 grams chopped coriander
20 ml mustard oil
5 ml lemon juice
2 whole red chilli
5 grams chopped ginger
50 ml ghee
Key Ingredients:

Atta flour, salt, Water (as required), oil, sattu, salt, mustard oil, onion, kalonji seeds, ajwain, pickle, potatoes, coriander, chilli, Salt (as required), mustard oil, Whole red chilli, tomatoes, brinjal, chilli, coriander, mustard oil, lemon juice, Whole red chilli, ginger, ghee.