Winter Care: Five Problems One Solution, Ghee

Now that the winters are here, it is finally time to switch to our cosiest quilts to revamp our kitchens with all essentials. Although winter brings relief from the scorching heat, it accompanies several health issues. But thanks to Ghee, it’s a solution to all our problems. One of the most common staples in a typical household is ghee or clarified butter. From keeping you warm to help you treat skin issues, Ghee offers an array of benefits. Scroll below to know more about the benefits.

Ghee is a powerhouse of amino acids that aid in shedding stubborn belly fat. Furthermore, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids present in it helps in reducing body fat. However, while consuming, keep in mind that you do not consume it more than the prescribed limit of fat consumption to avoid adverse effects.


Tired of your slow metabolism? Ghee is your one-stop solution. Now before you wonder why, it is because ghee is abundant in butyric acid. It aids in lowing inflammation and boosting one’s digestive system.

Getting under the weather is common during the winter season. This, as a result, makes boosting immunity all the more essential. Consume ghee regularly for healthier immunity, this will help your body ward off infections.

Getting out of bed during winter feels like a tough task. Consuming a tablespoon of ghee regularly will make it easier for you as it will help you stay warm and healthy.

Time to put a halt on binge buying under-eye creams, and other skin-care products. Give a chance to ghee instead. For getting rid of dark circles, apply ghee on your eyelids as well as under your eyes every night prior to sleeping. Leave it overnight and wash it on the following day. Meanwhile, for obtaining your skin’s glow back, combine ghee with raw milk and besan. Make a thick paste and apply it to your face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with cold water.